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Security & Crime Prevention Division

Nova Agency Crime Prevention Div.
Nova Agency is an industry leader in providing state of the art Crime Prevention services to business, governments, and residential communities throughout the United States. Nova Agency is committed to providing
the communities it serves with a higher quality of life, and believes that open communication and Community Oriented Policing is an essential

 Nova Agency Crime Prevention Officers are private state licensed Officers, authorized to provide armed and unarmed services anywhere within the state(s) they serve. Our Crime Prevention Officers use instinct, common sense, and action to eliminate or greatly reduce the criminals Opportunity.

Crime Prevention:

Crime Prevention by definition is "being aware that a crime can occur, anticipating its form, location, time, victim, and taking action to reduce the chances of it happening". Our Officers know that without Opportunity a criminal’s ability to commit a crime cannot occur.

Mission Statement:

Nova Agency Crime Prevention is dedicated to providing response services to the diverse communities we serve in an atmosphere of courtesy, respect, cooperation, and open communication.

FL Lic #: B-1800148