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Retail Security Services

Retail store owners, managers, and directors throughout the United States constantly rate the safety of their

costumers, visitors, and employees as their number one concern, followed by loss prevention. At NOVA Agency

we understand the importance of working with each client to develop a unique security program designed to address

their specific needs. NOVA Agency is committed to making the retail environment a safer place while reducing the

occurrence of retail theft.

According to recent crime trends most occurrences of retail theft occur within the parking lot area, simply because

parking lots are easy targets with little to no direct supervision. Crimes reported in parking lots include purse snatchings,

pick-pocketing, vehicle burglaries, abductions, carjacking's, and vandalism. The presence of a properly trained, and

uniformed officer patrolling these areas can greatly reduce the criminals opportunity to commit these crimes, and

provide an atmosphere where shoppers feel safe to visit.

Shoplifting in also a serious concern for retail establishment's that costs business millions of dollars per year in

lost revenue. The presence of a properly trained, and uniformed or plain clothed officer is the best deterrence

retailers have to stop theft from customers and staff.

NOVA Agency is ready and willing to equip your business with the tools you need to help keep your customers,

visitors, and staff safe while deterring theft from your business.