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Patrol Division

Nova Agency Patrol Unit

The Patrol Division follows Nova Agency's Community Oriented Policing philosophy. Patrol Officers are assigned

 to zones which patrol specific areas of a city. This strategy provides the Officers with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with their particular neighborhood’s problems,

as well as allowing the residents or business owners of a neighborhood to get to know the Officers who work the area.

Our Officers take pride in the neighborhoods they are responsible for and enjoy meeting residents and business owners. The Patrol Division is the backbone of Nova Agency, with all other Divisions and Units acting as a support structure for the Patrol Officers. The Patrol Division handles the majority of the calls for service which occur within the areas we patrol per year. In addition to responding to calls for service, our Officers self-initiate action by actively searching for and detaining individuals involved with drugs, prostitution, burglary, robbery, theft, gang activity, and other miscellaneous criminal activities.

Nova Agency Patrol Services are a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site personnel in many environments. Nova Agency Patrol Services are a strong deterrent to crime and provide a number of valuable services such as, alarm response, after-hours control of locks and gates, and periodic inspection of key locations of concern.

Urban Patrol Service

Nova Agency Urban Patrol Service is a cooperative patrol shared between a few clients in close proximity of each other. To ensure the client properties receive close attention and fast response, Nova Agency organizes the location of client properties into very tight patrol zones.

Shared Community Patrol

This program gives a client with multiple sites within a close proximity of each other an opportunity to defer cost, by allowing these properties to share a full time Officer. The Officer is assigned to patrol these specific sites only.

Program Freatures

Nova Agency takes pride in operating one of the most advanced private patrol services available. Observe the many features that distinguish Nova Agency from the other patrol services offered by traditional company police agencies.

  • Tight patrol zones for close attention and fast response times

  • All Patrol Officer’s are equipped with a GPS tracked Portable Two-way Radio.

  • Advanced Nova Agency Database that allows officers to review trespass warning, dispatch calls,

     Incident reports and crime related intelligence alerts on all Nova Agency properties 

  • Detailed Daily Activity Reports indicating time of arrival and all incidents / violations encountered

  • Officers are equipped with less-lethal weapons such as an Impact Baton, Mace and Taser