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Nova Agency is Americas leading private public safety provider with a rich history and humble beginnings.


Nova Agency started its humble beginnings as an in house (not for hire) security provider for a Florida based residential developer in 1996 after hiring several security agencies, and off duty police officers failed to address the developer’s security needs, and the high costs associated with hiring off duty police officers caused a hugh finical burden.


Shortly after forming our in house security team the demand for our highly trained and professional officers was so high that in 1999 Nova Agency was formed and broke away from the developer who went out of business in 2001.


Since 1999 Nova Agency has proven that is not just another security provider but instead is a true Crime Prevention Agency that focused and specialized its efforts into identifying and solving criminal behaviors that destroy communities. 


Nova Agency formed our Emergency Services Division in 2004 after several industrial consumers came to us asking for a one stop solution to their safety, security, and on medical needs, and Nova Agency has maintained those contracts for over ten years. Nova Agency Emergency Services has provided On Site Medical Services to Disney, UPN Networks, American Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity.


Nova Agency is not a security agency, we are your public safety partner!